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What Is It About Buenos Aires and Republicans? Ag. Sec. Perdue Gives American Farmers Bad News.

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Josh Marshall at TPM flagged this Reuters article of U.S. Agricultural Secretary Sonny Perdue telling American farmers, “Yeah, you’re screwed by Trump tariffs.”

Perdue said in an interview on the sidelines of the G20 meeting of agriculture ministers in Buenos Aires that the plan would include between $7 billion and $8 billion in direct cash relief.

U.S. growers are expected to take an $11 billion hit due to retaliatory tariffs after Washington placed duties on Chinese goods.

“Obviously this is not going to make farmers whole,” Perdue said.

 Ya think?

I bet when all is said and done that the hit will be bigger than $11 billion dollars, but there is more.

The aid plan, a response to retaliatory trade measures on U.S. farm exports, is intended only for the current crop cycle, he said. “It’s for the 2018 crop. We do not expect to do this over a period of time,” Perdue said.

Anyone else think that Trump is going to have a trade deal all worked out that benefits farmers after his tariff SNAFU?  Correct me if I am wrong, but won’t American competitors step up and take certain markets away like the soybean one in China?  How are American farmers to get those markets BACK?

Essentially, Perdue is acknowledging that Trump is buying votes for his tariff fuck up for now.  Afterwards, who knows?  There is no endgame for Trump on the trade wars, so this will probably go on into next year. 

Normally, I don’t wish economic harm on people.  As someone who has been in an economically unstable situation going on 15 years, it instills a little empathy for the plight of others.  However, given the willfull blindness of Trump supporters to reason and their embrace of a traitor to the country, my empathy well has gone dry.

Call it a victim to national political climate change.

And seeing that Argentina is the place to be for Republicans who want to announce all kinds of shady deals or just fucking a mistress — Hello Mark Sanford of South Carolina fame, Meteor Blades has a link to another article where Treasury Secretary Mnunchin has announced that Trump may lift sanctions against a RUSSIAN aluminum company that has ties to Putin.  This company got caught in the aluminum trade war fire it seems.

Same city where the G20 countries are meeting- Buenos Aires.

I cannot help but feel that these lovely items of bad news were all announced overseas to reduce their impact.  Afterall, if our Media doesn’t get it FIRST, well, it ain’t real!  And with the article Meteor Blades references, we have Trump directly coming to the rescue of a Putin pal.

If Trump is ever to be brought down it will be because of his fuck ups with the economy in such areas as increasing the costs of healthcare with his ACA sabotage and his trade wars on the rest of the economy.

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