I can’t even get outraged anymore, because nothing really shocks me.  I think we all are wandering around angry and afraid and numb.

Police have issued explosion warning regarding experimental launch in Texas tomorrow.

A small community of people at the southern tip of Texas just received what some of its residents are calling a “shocking” and “concerning” warning about SpaceX's upcoming launch attempt of a Mars rocket ship prototype.

Residents told Business Insider a county sheriff went door-to-door on Saturday night to hand-deliver printed notices to the community, where approximately 20 people own homes. Known as Boca Chica Village or Kopernik Shores, the hamlet has in recent years become flanked by a rocket launch and development site.

The notice says “action required” and warns of “potential risk to health and safety” during SpaceX's upcoming launch attempt of Starhopper: a stubby yet roughly 60-foot-tall (18-meter-tall) steel prototype with a single, truck-size Raptor rocket engine. The vehicle is a test-bed for an ambitious new launch system called Starship. If realized, Starship may tower about 400 feet (122 meters), be fully reusable, and take people and cargo into orbit, to the moon, and eventually on to Mars.

I do not  even know if the FAA has  given an approval for this launch but Hell, it doesn’t matter because we are a lawless country unless you are a minority eating skittles or selling cigarettes, poor or disabled and then you will see Swat like enforcement.  Can we trust anything that suits the Dotard anymore.  I mean can we actually believe the FAA WOULD approve this or is this being said it was?  Who knows anymore?

We have a madman wanting to play with nuke buttons like it was a joystick to his favorite video game.   We have rockets wanting to explore Mars even if we kill off Texas residents.   Quoting that idiot Ted Cruz….from back in May

“ We need Space Force to protect us from aliens”

On Wednesday, Cruz was able to rally behind two of Trump’s most hare-brained causes in a single tweet, complaining to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey that when the platform highlighted Cruz’s comments about the need for a Space Force to protect from “space pirates,” it only featured tweets joking about the remarks. When MSNBC’s Chris Hayes called Cruz’s complaint the saddest tweet he’s ever seen, the senator expressed a desire for space pirates to devour Hayes’ liver, adding a few skull-and-crossbones emojis for good measure.


We need some protection for sure.  We need protection from an orange haired madman and complicit congress refusing to uphold their duties to protect We the People.  We are awash in guns and a teacher in Florida saying they could kill 1000 people if they were an active shooter and the Damn state wanting to arm teachers. 


 What the Hell?  We are way past the Twilight Zone.

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