Russian thumbs have been on the scales as well as on the screens. Only willful ignorance keeps so many usefully idiotic assets still in power.

“Just Say Nyet to #MoscowMitch” “A second term for Trump will be driven by vengeance and theft.” – Joy Reid of MSNBC, quoting GOP sources on The Last Word.

December 7 will be Noam Chomsky’s 91st birthday, and the veteran author/journalist hasn’t grown any less critical of centrism within the Democratic Party. During an interview with Truthout’s C.J. Polychroniou, Chomsky warned against Democrats going too centrist in the 2020 presidential election — which he fears could result in President Donald Trump winning a second term.

“I find it psychologically impossible to discuss the 2020 election without emphasizing, as strongly as possible, what is at stake: survival, nothing less,” Chomsky told Truthout. “Four more years of Trump may spell the end of much of life on Earth, including organized human society in any recognizable form. Strong words, but not strong enough.”