Laura Clawson is doing an excellent job of covering how bad the ABC moderators of this latest Demcoratic “debate” are performing.  And you don’t have to be a progressive to see how awful the “There Will Be Blood!” inducing questions that sellouts like George Stephanopolous ask.  He’s a shining example of how big bucks can turn a supposedly former Democratic operative into a GOP talking points machine (socialism, socialism, socialism!).  You know it is bad when billionaire Tom Steyer has to remind Stephanopolous that he once worked as a Democrat for Clinton in 1992.

Snipe at those Democratic candidates who keep claiming that big money is not corrupting.  Yeah.  Right!

But the Media has been on the usual roll this week.  Here are some of the things I have been told this week by the Media on MSNBC, NPR, and online articles:

  • Pete Buttigieg now has momentum from the Iowa Caucus!  Nicolle Wallace, who I had some respect for because she looked like a tigress next to bothsiderist Chuck Todd, claims that the biggest news is Buttigieg’s victory in Iowa.  Oh, and she made it abundantly clear that there are only TWO tickets out of Iowa.  In case I missed it, Wallace repeated this point.  

         Nothing like Wallace proving Joan Walsh’s point that Elizabeth Warren has ceased to exist.  

  • Bernie Sanders is unelectable!
  • Biden is doomed.  The facts are incontrovertible.   Interesting that the Media kept telling us that Biden was demonstrating endurance all this time.  Amazing how that narrative changes on a dime with one electoral loss.
  • Warren who?  Wasn’t she running for some higher politcal office?
  • Bernie Sanders is unelectable!  Oh.  They keep repeating this.
  • Bloomberg is the only one running with the smarts and resources to take on Trump!
  • Did you know that one Gallup poll has dashed all of the Democrats hope for this November?  According to Bobo of the NYT, there are more people identifying as Republicans now!  Trump is on a roll!!!!
  • Who needs to ask questions of the women running for president when you have Buttigieg, Bernie, and Biden?
  • Never Trumpers really have issues with Bernie Sanders.  

Those are the wonderful takes from the Media this week.  I’m betting they will be the same ones for next week too.

  • February 8, 2020