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What Else Did You Expect? If You think That The US Has An Extreme Right Problem, So Does France.

When the left reacts the same way as the extreme right it is the extreme right that gains

She has made political capital from the fact that Hollande’s response to the attacks included hardline security measures – such as border controls, more armed police and revoking the citizenship of convicted terrorists with dual nationality who were born in France – that she had long championed herself. Le Pen said Hollande’s measures were “picked from the saddlebag of the Front National” and were a personal “tribute” to her.

Not to mention a three month long Sate of Emergency and bombing the fuck out of somewhere, but not knowing really who, what or even why.

The extreme right love this stuff, they live and breath it every day.

Chantal Delbarre, 67, a mother of six, said: “Everyone is afraid of more attacks at any time. Marine Le Pen predicted this and it’s only her who can save us.”

Personally I am far happier dealing with the minimum risk of being hit by a terrorist attack than a fascist state, where the risks become far higher; both from the state and their internal security services/militia.

Anyone pleading and begging for the State to keep them safe runs the enormous risk that the State will think that is a good idea. Freedom and liberty are dangerous, they are the antithesis to control, which is what authoritarians crave, giving them away makes them all the harder to regain. Heaven knows we have given away easily any pretense to privacy already.

So to win this ideological conflict we must become carbon copies of the enemy, to guard our way of life, we must sacrifice it. No. Never.

If the fascists win, I will be regarded [with pride] as an enemy of the State and make no mistake Marine Le Pen and her merry band of brownshirts are fascists.

Vive la France! Vive la Liberte! A bas la Tyrannie!

For the Francophones here this article is worth a read.

Its an interesting article that basically shows the Front National for what it is, an authoritarian hate group.

After the elections a hate speech trial starts with Marine Le Pen as its defendant for equating Muslims to Nazis.

I am under no illusions, after hearing much talk on the streets that the Front National is on the rise and is being regarded by many as mainstream and a potential saviour.

It is vain for the coward to flee; death follows close behind; it is only by defying it that the brave escape

Free people, remember this maxim; we may acquire liberty, but it is never recovered if it is once lost
~Jean-Jaques Rousseau

Especially if we give it away on a silver platter.

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