With the establishment marginalized on the right by the Cruz  or Trump crisis where do you think they will turn?

By the establishment I mean, the serious money, the superPacs, dark money, corporations and their propaganda arm the corporate media. We can all put corporate logos on most of congress, so they don’t really count; except as loud speakers.

They will turn to someone who they do not fear, one who can get things not done so as nothing disturbs the asset stripping.

Basically Hillary Clinton is what they have left, and she has gone as far left as she is ever going to go in the primary. Facing Trump or Cruz in the presidential would give her so much room for triangulation it won’t be funny.

I am seeing exactly what I expected from the corporately owned media and some of the “left” wing blogs.

I expected:

Traditional goals of the Democratic Party to be ridiculed as unrealistic and detrimental to election prospects. I expect them to be attacked with Republican talking points of a generation ago as so much of the center right policy is there for the taking.

That if Sanders became any sort of threat and that the MSM [you know the one the corporations own and censor to their point of view] would begin to ramp up the attacks.

I am pleasantly surprised that Sanders has done so well, I thought the real attacks would have come earlier.

I have remained an independent, a democratic socialist at heart, I have never been fooled by the Democratic Party as it now stands, I’ll vote for them because there is fuck all else.

What I am seeing is not something new, it is the same old shit that has resisted real change for decades.

Yeah I’ll vote, don’t worry about that, but support is another matter entirely.

Just a thought

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