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What did you do in WWII Daddy? Answer: Screw patriotism, it is about $$$. War Profiteer.

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I wonder just how many people know the truth of old Fred, the Daddy of the current Con in Chief.

The apple does not fall far from the tree but in this case, it fell right down at the root.  

When young Donnie two scoops asked his Daddy, and I assume somewhere along the line he did ask, “ What did you do in the war Daddy”.  The answer is typical Trump.

As Donald Trump complained and explained his bloody hands regarding the Kurds, I looked up what Daddy Trump did during the Normandy invasion and lo and behold…I think folks need to bring this up.  The Kurds did not help during WWII.  Well neither did the Trumps and I don’t think any of the Kurds profited from the war.

During World War II, Fred Trump built barracks and garden apartments for the U.S. Navy near major shipyards along the East Coast, and more than 27,000 apartments in New York City.  After World War II, in 1954, Trump was investigated by a U.S. Senate committee for profiteering from public contracts, including overstating his Beach Haven building charges by $3.7 million. In testimony before the Senate Banking Committee in 1954, William F. McKenna, appointed to investigate “scandals” within the FHA, cited Fred C. Trump and his partner William Tomasello as examples of how profits were made by builders using the FHA]409 program.  McKenna said the two paid $34,200 for a piece of land which they rented to their corporation for $76,960 per year in a 99-year lease so that if the apartment they built on it ever defaulted, the FHA would owe them $1.924 million. McKenna said that Trump and Tomasello obtained loans for $3.5 million more than the apartments cost.

Cowards and thieves to the core.  You would think Donald Trump would be used to being investigated, considering it is part of his entire family lifestyle and inherient genes. 

After World War II, Fred continued to construct shoddy fashion low-income apartments and row houses in Brooklyn and Queens.  By this time, Fred became a crony capitalist by mastering politics—giving contributions to the right politicians and lobbying to get his share of state-sponsored projects, as well as tax write, offs and lucrative tax breaks.  The young Donald Trump would use his father’s considerable wealth and political connections to advance his own business agenda.  To complete Fred’s largest project — Trump Village on Coney Island —New York State evicted almost 1,000 families, many of the African American who were then excluded from the union-run housing project.……

Let us be clear.  This man and his Daddy are VERY UNAMERICAN.  

And as Paul Harvey would say, “ That’s the rest of the story”.  MSM needs to tell the rest of this story when talking about the WWII, Normandy disgusting remarks from the Con in Chief.

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