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What did you do in the war, Daddy? Veterans Day 2020

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What did you do in the war, Daddy?  Is this what Ivanka has asked lately?

I would bet whether he answered this way or not it was pretty much like this. “ Come lay down honey and I will show you .  Have you ever heard of Studio 54?   I fought off a terrible disease, and did not get it.  It was my Vietnam”.   I hassled renters of color, I partied and I did a lot of grabbing women in private parts.  I ran away from their boyfriends and husbands because they may have hit me so I did a lot of running.  I dodged things like you would not have believed.  I dodged the military, I dodged work and even SAT tests.  I did lots of things in the war, honey.  I mostly just chased money and women and did a lot of dodging.  I dodged those loser GI hair cuts.  I had my beautiful hair during the war.  I played soccer.  I was the best soldier in the war there ever was and never fired a shot or ate in a chow line or sleep in a bunk.  I was and always will be the best VN vet there ever was,  I dodged serving my country and the draft.  I dodged responsibility.  I continue to dodge responsibility to this day.

  I did it all in a suit and no uniform and with imaginary bone spurs that magically disappeared.  I even got a purple heart.  I got it off a loser vet who thought I really cared about him, some fifty years later.  My own personal Vietnam has me convinced that I deserved it.  That Loser did not.

Yep, that was one of the times I was making America great again.  Now go pose with some marines and veterans and act like you give a damn.  Oh and wear Melania’s , I really don’t care coat.  Nah… don’t be that bold.  Look like you care.

He would say and mean it, “ I fought Vietnam just like this pandemic.  But darling, this  time we have more casualties and body counts, thanks to me in this Invisible war because I am the commander in chief and I didn’t do shit and bigly.”

(My thoughts this year to all of you)

Thanks to all the Veterans who have served on this Veterans Day.  Some people really do care.  The Trumps are not some of those people, with the exception of  Mary.

I am dedicating my thanks this year to all the frontline workers and health care soldiers fighting this horrific invisible enemy.  God Bless you.  You are not forgotten.  I wish to also thank all of those who have sacrificed and fought for this country on foreign soil against all enemies foreign and domestic…and this year, especially all patriots who came out to vote. to save our democracy.  The fight goes on but we will prevail in winning.

Pic of phony Princess Photo op with real soldiers.

Healthcare workers move a patient in the Covid-19 Unit at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas Thursday, July 2, 2020. - Despite its renowned medical center with the largest agglomeration of hospitals and research laboratories in the world, Houston is on the verge of being overwhelmed by cases of coronavirus exploding in Texas. (Photo by Mark Felix / AFP) / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE.TO GO WITH AFP STORY by Julia Benarrous: "Covid-19: Houston's hospital system underwater" (Photo by MARK FELIX/AFP via Getty Images)
heros in action


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