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What Are You Hearing John Podhoretz?


I got home and was making dinner for my elderly Mom, and the TV was already on.  There is not much I can do.  Mom wants to know what that asshole Chuck Todd and his “guests” have to say.

Anyway, I girded my loins for what was to come becaue John Podhoretz was on the panel.  The Podman was making excuses for Trump saying he was appearing to be “dignified” during his visit to Pittsburgh.  Beth Foughy and Katy Tur were having none of this.  Both of those women predicted that Trump will return to form tomorrow in FL during this rally.

However, Podman kept saying that something has changed for Republicans and NOT for the better.  He hinted at the White House has numbers on how Americans are reacting to the three acts of terrorism this week, and they are nervous.  No details, but Podman is seeing or hearing something behind close doors, and it ain’t pretty.

Going along Podman’s dance of the seven veils was the announcement from the NRCC condemning Steve King of IA.  Podman says that this is big news, while the women on the panel were like, “King has been talking racist trash for years, and NOW Republicans notice.”  Podman hints again that some data must be available that King is in serious trouble this year.

Strangely, Bothsiderist Chuck didn’t seem to bring Democrats into his usual act.  In fact, Bothsiderist Man let it be known that the “caravan” and “doing away with birth citizenship” were ploys by Trump to disctract from other issues like mass shootings.  Bothsiderists reminded his viewers that doing away with birth citizenship was a non-starter.

So what is going on?  Are Republicans really running this scared before the election??

The timing of distancing themselves from Steve King is definitely fishy as fishy can be.