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What are you doing wrong when you give up your salary to drugs

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What are you doing wrong when your multipurpose cleaner can’t wipe out capitalism?

Took an hour to correct the tweet, but does show that the delusional Trump is willing to tweet any nonsense. He does, after all, give up his salary to drugs.

The erroneous reference to “409ks” — which appeared to be a typo  — quickly drew fire on social media, with critics of Trump mocking the president for his early-morning mixup.

“My 409K sucks. It’s apparently doesn’t even exist,” tweeted GOP strategist and frequent Trump critic Rick Wilson.

“I guess you have to be in the elite to have a 409k,” added Cheddar editor-in-chief Jim Roberts.

“409K? The constant typos matter. They underline Trump’s lifelong inability to focus on details,” tweeted MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell.

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