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We're not done spanking you yet, Donnie: 4 important upcoming special elections

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Trump got a beating in November, and we have a responsibility to keep the pain going. There are a few special elections coming up that need some attention:

North Carolina House District 9 — Dan McCready

This is our best chance. Although GOP “clergyman” Mark Harris led Dan McCready by a lousy 905

Dan McCready

votes on Nov. 8, the overwhelming mountain of evidence of the Harris campaign engaging in “vote harvesting” has pretty much assured a new special election, despite the NC GOP’s quixotic effort to seat him.

McCready is building his new campaign. A Marine Corps veteran, family man, and small business owner, McCready has already proven he can win a fair election here.

This will likely happen sometime in March.

Tennessee State Senate District 32 — Eric Coleman

Eric Coleman

Eric Coleman is running in State Senate District 32 in Memphis, TN. He was a Senior Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy who was medically retired for an injury suffered in the line of duty. He has been endorsed by VoteVets.  He is campaigning on gun safety, infrastructure, and to stop the GOP’s return of “junk insurance” that was so prevalent with the HMOs in the 1980s.

He has an uphill battle, and faces a crowded field of Republicans who will pick their candidate in a primary on January 24th. It’s a shade of red but he’s got a real shot in this special election.

The election is set for March 12, 2019.

Florida House District 7 — Ryan Terrell

Ryan Terrell is one of those kids who has their act together. He’s a 26-year-old political activist, a former state legislative aide, and current director of the Young Democrats of America Southeast. He’s also a consultant at Steele Communications.

Although this is a red district, he has made himself known in the community after the hurricane devastation as someone who has a strong understanding of the district’s needs.  

This is another special election that will be announced soon, likely in March.

Herb Jones

Virginia State Senate District 3 — Herb Jones

This one is actually not a special election, but an important one we need to win in the Fall since Virginia is one state senate seat away from getting a Democratic majority (and two in the House of Delegates). Retired Colonel Herb Jones is opposing GOP Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment.  He is a combat, disabled veteran endorsed by VoteVets.

Norment is so terrified of him (and petty) that he refused to seat him on the Virginia Military Advisory Council that he was appointed to by Governor Northam. He had planned to use that appointment to advocate for veterans. 

This drew a quick rebuke from the VA Dems, with DPVA Communications Director Jake Rubenstein saying:

“With his caucus making this move, Tommy Norment proved today he values his own political skin more than Herb Jones’ two tours of duty in Iraq and decades of military service. Virginia needs more honorable servants like Herb Jones and less unsavory, dirty tricksters like Tommy Norment.”

Full disclosure: I have a personal contempt for Tommy Norment because he used to represent me when I lived in Virginia. He catapulted into office attacking his Democratic opponent for making a flippant remark about DUI. A few years later, Norment was actually busted for DUI. Hypocrisy doesn’t begin to describe him. The contrast between Norment and an honorable man like Herb Jones could not be more clear.

One last thing…

There is an upcoming special election in Florida House District 38 in Pasco County, Florida.  Currently, no Democrat is running. Kathy Lewis was running, but she dropped out.  She ran against an incumbent Republican state senator in 2018 in this area who outspent her 10-1, yet came within 7 points on Election Day. She demonstrated that this area is flip-able.  With the right support and turnout, this district could be blue. (Although this House seat wasn’t even competed by Dems in 2018, an unknown independent was still able to garner half the votes.)

Naturally, this being Florida, Democrats didn’t do much to help her. Florida supposedly has a group dedicated to electing progressive women called Ruth’s List, but seem to only want to back a sure thing—which sort of defeats the whole purpose of a group dedicated to helping campaigns. In her last close Senate election, a Democratic leader not only didn’t back her, but promoted her rightwing opponent. The Democratic Black Caucus of Florida also did not back her.

With friends like this… We need to do better, Florida.

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