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'We're getting our asses kicked': Republicans panic over big Dem fundraising advantage

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I will vote, I will vote straight D, and I will tell everyone I meet to do likewise between now and November 6.

Nothing will stop me.

The only decision I have left is whether to imagine punching Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, or Brett “Rapey” Kavanaugh in their smug faces every time I fill in one of those ovals. I may have to split my vote on that one.

Meanwhile, political fundraising patterns are further pointing to a blue wave, and Republicans are starting to panic.

From Politico:

Democratic challengers out-raised Republican House incumbents in 92 House districts in the past three months — a staggering mismatch that boosts the odds of a GOP washout in November.

There is no historical precedent for financing this broad and deep for congressional challengers. About half of the 92 GOP incumbents are protecting battleground districts, and some of them posted personal-record fundraising totals in the third quarter of 2018 — but they still found themselves swamped by a combination of incandescent online fundraising for Democrats and bigger donors spreading money to challengers around the country, as 61 Democrats raised over $1 million. Fifty-one House Republicans were out-raised at least 2-to-1, according to POLITICO’s analysis of the latest Federal Election Commission filings, while 71 were outspent by their challenger. Only five Democratic House incumbents were out-raised.

That’s great news in and of itself, but it could also portend big gains come November 6, if history is any guide.

That cash-on-hand gap has been a particularly dire historical indicator: In the past four elections, two-thirds of House incumbents who ended September with less cash to spend than their opponents lost their seats weeks later.

Typically, only a handful of incumbents find themselves in that position each year. But a high number of cash-swamped Democratic incumbents heralded the Republican wave election in 2010. That year, 18 House Democrats finished the third quarter with less cash on hand than opponents, and 10 went on to lose their seats weeks later.

Meanwhile, the yawning fundraising chasm between Republicans and Democrats has some in the GOP ready to chew off their own faces:

“The Democratic fundraising surge is emblematic of the intensity we have seen mounting for some time now,” said Ken Spain, a former National Republican Congressional Committee staffer. “The only thing the NRCC and the outside groups can do at this point is to do what they are currently doing — consolidate resources, cut bait in unwinnable districts and build a firewall that can hopefully hold through Election Day.”

Another Republican consultant, granted anonymity to speak candidly, put it more bluntly: “We’re getting our asses kicked. Nothing else to say.”

That’s all great news, but NONE OF IT MATTERS IF WE DON’T VOTE and encourage others do do the same.

Remember, remember the 6th of November

And if you want to help drown Republicanus rodentia in blue bills, donate at Act Blue.


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