“We're doing a job the likes of which nobody's ever done.” Trump happy talk seeks new venues

A 3pm Trump PPP event not labeled “press conference” features the usual Trump nonsense, that apparently is attempting to do the same job as the daily COVID briefing.

  • Asked about the US hitting 1 million coronavirus cases, and his February prediction of going from 15 to close to 0, Trump says, “Well, it will go down to zero, ultimately.”
  • In other words: The president is suggesting that he’s still right when he said that the US would go from 15 cases to about zero cases, even though there are now 1 million cases. twitter.com/ddale8/status/…
  • Trump again says he “inherited a very broken test.” The faulty test was developed by the CDC in 2020.
  • Trump: “Some governors” don’t care as much about testing. “Their test is much more modest, and their real test is when people stop getting sick, and they’ll be able to do that too, and I understand both systems very well.”
  • “The testing is starting to die down,” Trump says, apparently referring to criticism on testing.
  • Trump muses about a vaccine, but then says, “But I think what happens is: it’s gonna go away. This is gonna go away. And whether it comes back in a modified form in the fall, we’ll be able to handle it. We’ll be able to put out spurts. And we’re very prepared to handle it.”

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