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welcome Mayor Mike, let a hundred flowers bloom(berg)

I could vote for Mike Bloomberg probably as much as I could vote for Tulsi Gabbard. Because don’t we want to do better than the worst POTUS* in history.

Aside from the racist cynicism of stop-and-frisk, his corporate misogyny, his gun-ignorance, and that sugary-drink 16 oz. fascism, I want to be able to vote for Mike Bloomberg after Super Tuesday.

It’s a big tent and there’s plenty of clowns on the midway. As long as he doesn’t do that anti-progressive reactionary discourse that we now see from some candidates about the costs of healthcare. Perhaps he won’t even show up on a primary debate stage.

He apologized for stop-and-frisk without a bit of reflection on the Nuremberg laws, so that must mean Democrats are OK with any abuse of state power. 

If anything, Mike fulfills the entrepreneurial expectations of Yang, the egoism of Steyer, and the bipartisanism of Biden, and if he shares the ticket with Buttigieg, we might have some apotheosis of the antichrist.

Regardless, I will be voting for a Democrat in the General Election, even as the Russians will have us repeating the purity defections of 2016 because their bots/trolls will convince some of us of something, something.

So, “let’s get it on”.