Wednesday 6th: The rest of the world will be watching.

On the sixth of January Congressional Republicans will make a farce of American democracy live and direct before the whole world.

I know many Americans don’t care, some even doubt it exists and anyway it’s furrin parts.

As an expat all I want to do is hide and cry, no more questions please! I won’t, for twenty plus years I have tried to answer questions about America’s actions, this one is nigh-on impossible, collective insanity perhaps.

This act by Republicans, and it is purely an act, will have dangerous ramifications. Democracy is in an existential struggle around the world and this only gives fuel and succor to its fanatical detractors.

I may be a socialist, but I believe that democracy is a fundamental requirement and the only way Plutocracy/Corporatocracy and unchained Capitalism can be combatted peacefully. The other method is nearly unthinkable to me.

On Wednesday Republicans, with zero legitimate proof, will try to overthrow a democratic election and commit sedition in passing.


: incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority

 This will be broadcast around the world. They may think it’s a “free vote” with no ramifications, no it bloody well is not.

Republicans this one is purely on you and may you rot.

  • January 3, 2021