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Weak Tea CBS Evening News Interview with Trump.

Jeff Glor needs to go back to journalism school.  Basically, Glor didn’t not follow up on his questions to Trump.

Here is the exchange between Mr. Trump and Glor:

GLOR: “You say you agree with U.S. intelligence that Russia meddled in the election in 2016.”

TRUMP: “Yeah and I've said that before, Jeff. I have said that numerous times before, and I would say that is true, yeah.”

Uh no.  Glor should have brought up the fact that Trump keeps saying it could be “lots of other people” in the same sentence.  Thererfore, Trump does NOT agree with U.S. intelligence that Russia interfered in the 2016 Election.  

Don’t worry Jeff.  Tomorrow, Trump will say “but lots of other people” were involved in hacking the DNC, like that 400 lb guy in New Jersey.  Or that Pakistani guy.  

Later, even though I do not have the transcript yet, Glor asks Trump if Putin lied to him when he said that Russia did not interfere in the 2016 Election.  Trump couldn’t say.  No follow up to that answer.

It’s a binary choice this time.  U.S. intelligence and the DOJ say the Russians intervened in the election.  Putin denies it.  Somebody is LYING.  

Guess who I pick?

Other low lights to this interview:

  • One, two, three…”There was no collusion!”
  • The Mueller investigation is a witch hunt!
  • Brennan sucks!
  • Clapper sucks!
  • Hayden sucks!
  • Comey sucks!
  • McCabe sucks!
  • Strzok and his lover suck!
  • There were lots of great deals struck with Putin.

Trump’s syncophants and enablers can breath a sigh of relieve that Trump stuck to most of the script, at least for today.

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