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We will NEVER know if Trump and Pence are positive or negative because…Pelosi next in line.

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We will never ever know if Trump or Pence has tested positive or negative regarding Covid19.  They lie about everything and unless they both end up hospitalized in ICU and on ventilators, they will always say they test negative.   They will say that because unlike Boris in UK, our constitution has a provision of succession.  They do not get to appoint who takes over in times of extreme illness.

By their own Fox news spokesperson, who said that it was nonsense to test every American because you could be negative one day and positive the next, then she was telling the truth then or lying now.  Which is it Blondie?  If she believed that it was nonsense to keep testing then I would bet dollars to donuts, her prissy butt is lined up to be tested every single day.

Nope we won’t know if they have it or not and in the meantime, these two still walk around with no masks, shoulder to should, inviting people like Abbott from Texas in the WH and Desantis, who I am sure was served meals just like Trump by the valet who serves Trump who has tested positive.

Has anyone noticed Fauci has not stood next to Trump in awhile?  We have no clue if even Dr. Fauci and the medical task force have been exposed.   

They do not want Pelosi to take over the presidency for 21 days or more.   In that case, we will never know if they are negative or positive.   NEVER.

I hope for the sake of humanity someone will leak the real test results.  There are real people who have come into contact with Pence and Trump.  They are also suppose to self quarantine according to the CDC.  That won’t happen yet even though it has proven they have been in  close contact with a staff member who has tested positive.   

This is a shame and disgrace and a death sentence to many.   

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