We sacrifice for America as corporations rob us like parasites using inflation & low wages.

While Americans are always asked to sacrifice during crises, corporations parasitically continue to exploit us all.

The current inflation proves many corporations are parasites

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Our Ukrainian brothers and sisters, they’re at war. But in reality, war has come to them. We have Russia that’s blowing the holy crap out of apartment buildings, blowing things up, killing innocent civilians. Right. That’s a fact.

But in the process, because of the sanctions on Russia and the volatility in the markets, the price of oil is going through the roof. That is our economic system at work. Our economic system says the following. If there is a war, the risk is on you. If there are good times, the risk is on you people. If there are bad times, the risk is on you.

Why do we have troops all over the world? Why do we have bases all over the world? Why do we have several fleets in every single one of the oceans on this planet to protect the interests of Americans? Whose interests are we really protecting?

If we were an insular community, the average American citizen would be farming, manufacturing primarily within America for self-sufficiency, as the Natives did. With our current economic system, we can abstract things. We were able to go ahead and manufacture items here and there and elsewhere.

The spoils from that efficiency, which is real, will never spread to all of those who created it. In other words, it’s more efficient to build certain things overseas. But price savings of those things made overseas, while we got slightly lower prices, we never partook of the vast profits. It went just to the corporate executives and shareholders.

It wasn’t the billionaires who made the ships. It was not the billionaires who created the intellect for all these different things we design, develop, and produce. It was all of us collectively. We all did it.

Even as we need a strong military to make sure commerce continues around this globe, the only ones who pay the price when there are disruptions, the only ones who pay the price when there are problems, are we the people.

The corporate structure never pays. Inflation is always their savior. They always make it. They are always ahead. They ask us to be patriotic. Remember they used to tell us, ‘Go buy war bonds?’ Do the big patriotic thing. When will corporations do the patriotic thing? When will they refrain from raising prices to extend record profits at the expense of a suffering population?

Stop raising the prices on the average American citizen. They are going through hell. They went through the pandemic. They kept your corporations alive. Some people even died keeping your corporations alive.

Who do you ask to carry the weight of the war — The weight of the speculations in the oil market? You are asking us to do it. No, you’re not asking us to do it. You are forcing us to do it because we must drive to work. After all, we must heat our homes.

So you, the corporations, as we look at the stock market, you have profited from the pandemic. We have had to pay much more for things under the pandemic. You profited. You profited from the technology that created the cures for the pandemic that we all paid for and then paid again as you sold our collective creation back to us at extortion prices.

When are you going to make the sacrifice for America, for the blood of the people, for the blood of the kids who went to Iraq on false pretenses, for the blood of the kids who went to Afghanistan on false premises, for the blood of the kids who went to Grenada, Panama, Haiti, and all these places on your behalf to make sure you could get cheap bananas?

The average American citizen has always paid the price for corporate profits, for your success, and your failures. When do you, as a corporation, sacrifice? When do you as a corporation pay the price for what capitalism has rendered not only on America but throughout the world? You beg you demand, and then you take.

I remember when Mitt Romney said that 47% of us are takers. No, 47% of us don’t even make enough money to pay income taxes. We pay every other tax. Many of us cannot afford income taxes. Why? Because you don’t pay the people enough so that they can contribute. However, the biggest problem I see is the indoctrination into having us believe that there is something special about you capitalists. There’s nothing special about you. You are just parasites. There is absolutely nothing special about a capitalist other than they are the biggest parasites on the planet.

You suck the blood out of everybody else. We bleed for you. When the prices go up, we pay. We then watch you brag daily around the stock market about the record profits you extorted from us. Why? You claim you had to raise our prices because of a supply chain problem you created; how the hell is there a supply chain problem when your prices before the price hike already resulted in record profits.

People, we have to start learning the reality about our economic system independently. We have to stop having these people lie to us about the reasons for price hikes, poor wages, unsafe work environments, pollution, and so many other things. Until then, they look at us and say, ‘Those stupid people will do whatever we ask.’

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  • March 6, 2022