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We HAVE to take the Senate back. We need Lion replacements.

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Georgia is our opportunity to take the majority in the Senate.  Ted Kennedy is gone.   He WAS the lion of the senate.  Byrd is gone.   Tom Harkin is no longer in the senate.  John McCain is gone.  The last Lion was Joe Biden, running second was Kamala Harris, IMO.   Joe Biden needs backup and not a bunch of whiners over trying to get this country back on track.  The train can’t move unless the track is railed to run, not jump the track.  

Trump and his enablers have dang near destroyed this country.  Our work has just begun.  We need to back President and Vice President Elect in their ability to get things done.  We need LIONS in the senate who won’t cower and fall for bullying by the right and stand firm.   I honestly believe there has to be working across the aisle and demand the right work with the left.  Meet in the middle and then something can get done.   Biden will have our backs but we have to have his,

We have to get those two candidates from Georgia elected.  We need senators who will stand on the senate floor and not only rant and promote legislative proposals which I deeply miss but reach across and say, “ I will do this but you MUST do this.”  Kennedy, knew how to do that as did Sen. Joe Biden and I think Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will persist.   I also think Mark Warner and Sharrod Brown have it in them to do so.   We need to show strength and tenacity.  Katie Porter IMO needs to run for the senate.   We need some gumption and power players.  We needed this when Obama was president.   

Let’s get to work and get that train on track and make the congress strong as a lion and stand behind our Leaders.

This HAS to be accomplished.  We need some Lion breeding and some Lions to emerge.  Let’s get Ga and stand for democracy.  We need to not only do a little reaching but demanding and spine showing.   Make the enablers quiver and respect us.  It starts with electing our candidates in Ga.  McConnell is not that tough.  He just needs pushback.  Feinstein needs to resign.   She has lost her groove and grit.

Milktoast does not get the respect Steak does.

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