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We have reached an impasse and I'm not certain of the way forward

Actually a number of impasses, but I want to focus on one.  I did not like Kos’  front page diary.  I found it extremely self-righteous and in places dishonest.  Self-righteous because Kos seems very sure of himself. Is he so sure there has not been harassment at DailyKos, or in his own life?  One of the things that came up during Thanksgiving is that the males admitted, if they were honest, that they could not meet the Franken standard and ever run for office. Maybe I know a particularly bad brand of male but there were things all of us did at one time that could be equated with what Franken did, and there were probably things we didn’t know about.  Dishonest because Franken has admitted he took the picture, that is it, but he hasn’t admitted to what he had been accused of — he has not admitted to groping or sticking his tongue down Lauren Tweeden’s throat.  Kos could have made his point while acknowledging that.  But then of course his self-righteousness would have been quite as…well…self-righteous.

But I digress. The impasse.

We know two things which cannot be believed simultaneously.

1. Republicans/conservatives will lie about almost anything to promote their agenda and hurt liberals.

2. All women who accuse somebody of harassment must be believed.

Right now we are in a Schroedinger’s cat situation.

Lauren Tweeden is a Republican operative who supported the birther movement and has engaged in other untruths to promote her agenda so it is a good idea to doubt her word when it comes to attacks on liberals and the liberal agenda. 

Lauren Tweeden is a woman who came forward about sexual harassment so we should give her every benefit of the doubt.

If we believe the first over the second we are “slut-shaming” (an ugly, pejorative word using for maximal effect).

If we believe the second over the first we are basically going against cold, hard logic.  If somebody lies to promote an agenda multiple times, and belongs to a group that lies without conscience, it is simply stupid to believe them if they are attacking the same group.

There is currently no way out of this, and Kos as he seems to do so often lately, seems to be shoveling fuel on the fire.

Is Shroedinger’s cat dead or alive?  Is Lauren Tweeden a vicious operative who will do anything to promote her agenda, or is she a wrong woman who must be believed? You tell me.

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