America California Death Florida Pandemic

We have Navy and Cruise Ships. Why are they not in California as hospitals?

Why can the government use imminent domain to seize land but not use these ships for emergency life saving measures in California and overwhelmed coastal areas?  This no room at the inn is unacceptable.  Why is this not happening?  Why are emergency lockdowns for all of these redzones not implemented?  I am not a lawyer or legislator but I am not stupid.  We are already at a civil war of sorts over pieces of cloth and staying 6 ft away.    Just do it man.  America looks like a Banana Republic.  Can International human rights step in if this country is so stupid not to make everything possible.  We have a right to Life and it comes first before liberty and justice.  Pandemic !    What part of no liberty or justice  do people not understand , if you have no life and 6 ft under.

Does the international community also not realize the pandemic will not be over  anywhere until USA gets their brains out of their butt and just think elections are more important than wanting power over DEAD people.

We can import tanks, and guns, but not oxygen?

Common sense has died in this country.