We can safely vote on election day and shock Trump who thinks he wins the day-of voters

Donald Trump is trying to do whatever he can to give the semblance of victory by all means necessary. He thinks most of his voters will come out on election day, giving him an apparent win until the mail-in votes are in.

Voters must come out to vote on election day

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If Democrats, Independents, and responsible Republicans continue voting as they are in Georgia, Arizona, Florida, and Texas, Tuesday will be an early call in our popular landslide heading towards an Electoral College landslide. VOTE and HELP GET OUT THE VOTE. We can all GOTV.

Democrats tend to worry too much. I will tell you what I have had to tell my kid too often. If you do the work, you do not need to worry about passing or failing. If you did not do the best, you could then worry.

Democrats only made two mistakes as I see this time. IMHO, they did not address Latinos and Black Men sufficiently, which Trump is monopolizing on for a few percentage points, and they were late in tying Trump’s pre-COVID-19 economic failure that was sugar-coated with volatile stock market gains for the few. Given the poll numbers and Democratic GOTV, I do not think either is fatal as Trump’s mistakes were much bigger, response to COVID-19, healthcare suicide, and more.

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