The media love their political horse races, which is why an eminently qualified Democratic candidate managed to lose the presidency to a surly, KFC-besotted yam in 2016.

Of course, this year’s presidential election isn’t so much a horse race as a Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome death match to determine whether we devolve further into an apocalyptic hellscape or manage to claw back some simulacrum of normal. 

Which is why reporters and pundits need to call a spade a spade, like psychologists Alan Blotcky and Seth Norrholm do in today’s New York Daily News:

“Get rid of the ballots” and “there won’t be a transfer,” said Donald Trump on Wednesday. This comment is a direct and dangerous expression of his anti-democratic intention. If unstopped, Trump may well destroy our 244-year-old democracy.

It is time to stop pulling punches. It is time to stop relying on political pundits to weigh in on Trump’s behavior, which they often soften and even normalize.



The whole column is worth a gander, but this portion, where the duo delineates Trump’s numerous, shall we say “faults,” is particularly salient:

He breaks norms, rules, and laws with impunity.

He lies, on average, 15 times a day.

He peddles fake conspiracy theories and irrational magical thinking.

He has been accused of sexually predatory behavior by at least 25 women.

He blames, scapegoats and gaslights as easily as he breathes.

He undermines the vital role of the free press because he abhors oversight and accountability.

His lies and anti-scientific advice and intentional downplaying of the coronavirus pandemic has led to countless American deaths.

He is callous and cold and unfeeling because he has no conscience.

He denigrates and humiliates anyone and everyone in his path.

He has no respect for military heroes or renowned experts.

He is obsessed with power and adoration.

He is a greedy opportunist.

He is corrupt to the core.

This isn’t a normal election. This is, as the authors note, a fight for the future of our democracy — something we’ve always taken for granted, even in our darkest hours.

I know Joe Biden never asked for this, but it’s up to him to save the republic, even as Trump continues to cross the Rubes-he-cons.

And you can help Joe win a decisive victory in November (decisive enough, one hopes, that the outcome is never in doubt).

Donate here. Like your life depends on it.

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  • September 24, 2020