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Watergate lawyer: Donald Trump will 'undoubtedly be impeached'

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Sure, that headline might sound encouraging, but it’s a little like your doctor saying, “We’ll undoubtedly schedule surgery to get that wrought-iron fence post removed from your head. Someday. Sit tight. It will happen. Here’s a blister pack of Ibuprofen. Sorry, I already took most of them.”

Anyway, Andrew Hall was a lawyer for John Ehrlichman, one of President Nixon’s top advisers, during the Watergate scandal.

Hall has been closely watching the developments in the Trump-Russia scandal, and he’s convinced Trump is eventually going to go the way of his erstwhile client’s boss.

From The Independent:

“The coverup is always worse than the crime,” the attorney said in an interview with The Independent. “And this one is very shady. We have a sitting president who will undoubtedly be impeached.”

Hall points to an excerpt from Bob Woodward’s new book Fear in which Trump’s attorneys attempt to dissuade him from testifying in the Mueller probe because the pr*sident simply can’t be trusted to tell the truth:

In a scene from Mr Woodward’s Fear: Trump in the White House, the president’s former attorney John Dowd told Mr Mueller he worried the president would perjure himself after conducting a mock cross-examination.

“The idea to prepare a witness in and of itself is a good idea, but the fact that he’s incapable of being truthful throughout the entire exam is pretty scary,” he said. “It raises a whole lot of issues. If a lawyer knows his client is not telling the truth, he can’t sit by and let that happen, he can’t participate and he must disassociate himself with that activity … otherwise, they lose their licence for facilitating perjury.”

But while impeachment and conviction still appear to be an uphill climb (given the number of votes needed in the Senate and the ongoing recalcitrance of the GOP), Hall remains convinced Trump will be forced from office:

“The November elections have an enormous impact on how this plays out,” he said. “If the Democrats take the Senate, or enough Republicans switch over, there will be a successful impeachment.”

Still, the attorney doesn’t foresee impeachment proceedings removing Mr Trump from office. “He will resign,” Mr Hall said in the event of impeachment proceedings beginning after the 2018 midterm elections.

From Hall’s lips to God’s ears. Then again, I’ll believe it when I see it. And I really, really, really want to believe it. Believe me.


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