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Watch Trump setup his sycophants for an election day shock. He keeps them in an alternate reality.

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Donald Trump's sycophants are in for a massive disappointment on election day. It will be the result of living in a closed loop.

Election Day will be rough for Trump's sycophants

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Many take exception to the certainty I have in what must be an upcoming landslide on election day. Note that I am the same person that remained concerned in 2016 that Secretary Clinton would get triangulated by Trump. I thought that her cabal of presumptuous advisors in Brooklyn ignored what was obvious to many grassroots activists.

I was never a fan of Joe Biden. Moreover, I thought he would have run a campaign filled with gaffes, technologically backward, and old school. I was completely wrong. Except for his missteps with Latinos early on, as explained in my interview with USC Professor Dr. Manuel Pastor, Biden has been the candidate for the time. He is the candidate that Never-Trumpers and other non-Democrats could attach to without being worried they would be stamped with the liberal moniker.

Many can tolerate the most heinous president as long as their personal economy and their lives are not negatively affected. But when either or both are, a president is in dangerous territory, especially one who neither have much upstairs nor has advisors of any degree of competency.

Trump is there on both counts. He will lose. There is no need to be concerned about whether Americans will vote him out. However, we must ensure all know they are empowered to remove him with the vote. What does that mean? The Electoral College is an aberration in the Constitution, but it never needs to be as fatal as it has been over Bush and Trump's elections if activists and the party do their jobs. Our job is to get out the vote by all means from a strong position since we know that the win is decidedly ours.

If lightning strikes the same place twice in consecutive election cycles, America can no longer be considered the Democratic Republic or a promoter of Democracy around the world. Worse, it will likely be the start of permanent disruption in the country.

In recent generations, America has dodged the bullet of the undemocratic constitutional aberration. We must this time or else.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump does not have a chance to follow Bush's lead to get a documented popular majority. And he is not even trying. Trump does not have the power to fight math and a well-executed election by the opposition. As he is doing in the clip in this post, deceiving his sycophants will leave millions with a sinking spirit worse than the one suffered by Clinton's supporters.

Trump's supporters are so sure of his landslide win. And he continues to add fuel to the fallacy. His sycophants will have an election day shock like no other as Biden becomes the United States' next President.

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