Listen to our President. He displays his feelings through words in public. He was most excited at the press conference highlighting the stock price rise during his press conference. Coronavirus? He continues to be dismissive.

Stock price rise excites President Trump

I listened to the entire press conference. The president simply showed up for the first part to tout and take responsibility for a few accomplishments better relegated to others.

He did not have any interest in staying for the entire press conference. What was clear is that what concerned him most was the stock price and that a few private corporations got a piece of the coronavirus windfall. Hey isn't stripping the government the ideal manner to reward ones, corporate benefactors, with responsibilities that should rightfully and more efficiently reside with the government?

This what the incompetent narcissist-in-chief had to say.

“I was honored to see the stock market,” said President Trump. “You were mostly there with us, set a record in a short period of time, over a 45 minute period of time that we had the press conference yesterday in the Rose Garden. That was a record! An all-time record.”

The president then started having some fun with that. Note the straight and somber faces of those behind him. They understand the severity of these times.

“I think we should do one of them every day,” Trump said. “Perhaps. How about five times a day. We will do one five times a day. That was something to watch.”

As he walked back from the press conference, it is clear that he was not concerned about COVID-19, coronavirus.

“We walked back,” The president said. “I said, 'So how did that work out.' They said, 'Sir you just set a new record in the history of the stock market.' So that was pretty good.”

As he continued, he also had his wealthy corporate benefactors on his mind.

“Those great companies that were there couldn't have been too unhappy either,” the president callously continued. “When you think about it because they are all very big publicly listed companies.”

The man cannot help himself to at least attempt to feel for real people. Just maybe “The Trump Presidency is over” if most Americans finally see through the act.

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