This interview is a classic example of why Americans don't vote in their interest. A Stephanopoulos follow-up question on this filibuster lie was a no-brainer. Mainstream media allow liars the use of our airwaves to misinform us.

An unchecked filibuster lie

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When Republicans appear on any of the mainstream media Sunday morning shows, it seems as if they are treated with kid gloves more than Democrats. Recently Chuck Todd of Meet The Press has been doing a better job.

George Stephanopoulos is generally better at holding Republicans who misinform to account, not as much as should be done. But this was a colossal fail.

“You talk about the filibusters right there,” Stephanopoulos said. “One of the reasons you may be able to get Judge Barrett through is because there’s no filibuster now in court nominations.”

Notice how Stephanopoulos asked the question. He gave Senator Lee the option to lie and misinform instead of presenting the actual picture to Americans. He should have asked, Is it not true that absent McConnell and the Republicans going nuclear in 2017 by eliminating the filibuster for the Gorsuch appointment, that Amy Coney Barret would not go through given that it would have needed 60 votes?

So Stephanopoulos gave Senator Lee an open door to lie.

“Yes, you know, that's right,” Lee said. “On November 23, 2013, the Democrats voted to vitiate the filibuster on the executive calendar, referring to presidential appointments. That was an unfortunate step then. It had its natural consequences. I hope we can contain the damage so that it doesn't go under the legislative calendar where it would also affect changes to law.”

Did Stephanopoulos follow up? Hell no! He asked the wrong question and instead allowed Senator Lee's lie to cauterize in the psyche of Americans who do not know the history.

In 2013 Senate majority leader justifiably made executive appointments except for the Supreme Court filibuster-proof because of Republican abuse. It was Republicans in 2017 who extended it to the Supreme Court.

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