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Watch Nancy Pelosi throw shade on Trump as she urges all to vote

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Rachel Maddow recently interviewed Speaker for the House Nancy Pelosi. She urged the vote as she threw shade on the President. I did a double-take because Speaker Pelosi used a phrase that caught my attention because it was asserting our control irrespective of headwinds. Too often we tend to acquiesce to obstacles placed in front of us. In other words, we allow roadblocks to block us.

Nancy Pelosi throws shade on Trump

Video edited for the expressiveness of her phrase

It is true that Republican governments throughout the United States are doing their best to suppress votes. While that is a fact, if a large number of voters take responsibility to follow the rules, voting early where available, diligently ensuring they are registered constantly, and simply showing up, we can minimize the effect.

It is wrong that that voting is this hard in America. But the willful ignorance of many has allowed a Republican leadership that is a clear and present danger even for their own supporters to prevail too often.

I remember a few years ago President Obama acknowledged voter suppression. But he made the more important point. If we simply put the effort in and show up, we would win. While voter suppression may be worth a few points, there are many more non-voters out there.

That is how Nancy Pelosi's recent remarks should be viewed within the wisdom of our times.

“We don't agonize,” Nancy Pelosi said. “We organize. Get to the polls and vote. … Organize in the reality that we are in.”

And the Speaker of the House continued.

“Know their power,” She said. “Make the difference for the future.”

Pelosi then brought out the reality.

“Hopefully this virus will be beyond us then,” she made it clear the virus must not be an excuse given that the stakes are too high.

She then threw shade on the president.

“All you have to see is one press conference,” The speaker said. “The press insists on showing them every day, you understand that this country has to go in a better direction to meet the needs of all the American people, values-based, evidence-based in our decisions and the rest. … But you don't count if you don't vote.”

Her message could not be clearer or prescient. We must register, follow the rules of our states as they are currently even as we challenge in court. But most importantly, show up. VOTE!

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