Watch Jen Psaki use reporter's question to throw shade on a Republican Party in complete disarray.

Watch Jen Psaki use reporters questions to throw shade on a Republican Party in complete disarray

Another effective use of words to throw shade at a dysfunctional Republican Party is all in a day’s work for White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Jen Psaki, the messaging nightmare for the Republican Party

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Jen Psaki appeared on The Axe Files with David Axelrod and said she would only be staying on as White House Press Secretary for about a year. One has to hope that her assistant press secretaries are very good understudies. After all, she embarrasses the Right-Wing media and Republicans when they are in their continuous misinformation and lying mode, the mode synonymous with their existence.

Most importantly, however, is how Psaki can throw shade seemingly in an innocent fashion like she did today. By now, everyone knows that the Republican Party is in complete disarray. When Kelly O’Donnell asked a question about working with Republicans, Psaki effectively used it as an opportunity to point out that the Republican Party is pretty much a joke. But she does it in such a sly manner.

O’Donnell asked if the internal Republican fighting will affect President Biden’s dealings with the Republican leadership. Psaki was ready. The written word does not do the visual word choreography justice.

“No. The President knows that there is some introspection going on in the Republican Party right now,” Psaki said with a smile. “And a determination about who they are going to be, who they want to lead them, and what they want to represent moving forward. He is not going to focus on that.”

Psaki went on to point out that the American people elected the President to do the probable. She said the president would seek ways to work together even with the “family excitement on the other side.”

“There are a lot of ways we are working with Republicans,” Psaki continues. “Even as they are determining who they are moving forward.”

Ouch! She uses that short answer to point out the Republican dysfunction even as the President remains the adult in the room.

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  • May 11, 2021