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Watch how Trump press conference serving to prop up an exploitative corporate sector

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The plutocracy understands that their failure is precipitating their demise. The Trump admin is using his press conference to both pander and attempt to build-up the image of an exploitative private sector.

Press Conference for who?

I have been watching all of Donald Trump's COVID-19 pressers. But this last press conference took the cake with the private sector symbolism.

While we should not indulge in conspiracy theories, it is quite appropriate to ask why did Donald Trump's team not assist him in seeing the reality of pandemics.

When one follows the chronology of COVID-19 it becomes immediately evident that the Trump administration dropped the ball. While the CDC fiddled for weeks with a test that did not work, they could have purchased the test manufactured by a German company. But America has a policy of developing these tests on its own.

It is not hard to assume that just like Trump was attempting to prop up the exploitative corporate sector as a benevolent entity patriotically trying to solve the coronavirus pandemic, that America would have the policy to ensure its chosen corporations are blessed with the profits from the pandemic. This reality is hard to refute given the nature of his COVID-19 pressers.

As the economy falters, the corporate sector is ready to rescue us all. When will the mainstream media make the correct case that Trump's failure to act in a timely manner on COVID-19 compounded by his unsustainable fiscal policy are responsible for the biggest economic meltdown this country will have ever seen? Imagine if Obama had not acted on Ebola and it became a pandemic. Imagine if unlike Trump's budget-busting tax cut scam Obamacare was not paid for. Yes, Obamacare was paid for. Socialism for the wealthy & capitalism for the rest of us.

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