Watch Congressman callout MSNBC for fully airing Republican press conference of lies

Congressman Steve Cohen called out MSNBC live on air about fully airing the Republican engine of lies not only about impeachment but about the recent IG Report.

Congressman Steve Cohen admonishes the media

“I found it unbelievable listening to that press conference you put on for the whole length,” Congressman Steve Cohen said. “Unless you were waiting for lightning to strike because biblically it should of. I don't understand why you had that propaganda on for that long.”

Representative Cohen (D-TN) then went on to point out that Republicans are systematically lying not only about the recent IG report exonerating the FBI from a biased investigation of the president. He did so as well about their false assessment of the articles of impeachment recently announced by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi along with the other Congressional Committee Chairs.

“The Republicans have nothing but propaganda to put out,” Cohen continued. “They can't defend the facts so they go after the procedure. They put up lies. The FBI did not show that there was spying on the president. That was not true. The¬†IG's Report¬†showed the FBI made certain small mistakes but they did not make a mistake in investigating the with Russia and the Trump campaign. And the FBI should not be sullied.”

Rep. Steven Cohen is correct. It is all a farce on the part of Republicans. When they have the likes of Ted Cruz, a pretty smart man, going on TV to lie for the president, it is clear that the party is not one that has integrity or believes in ever telling the truth.

The Congressman did what too many just let slide by. And this has cost us dearly in the past. The new crop of young Congresspeople does not allow this. It is great to see an elder statesman in the Democratic Party putting in a good fight and not playing to dangerous civility where it does not belong.