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Was Larry Kudlow literally drunk during this Fox News interview?

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For the record, a drunk Larry Kudlow and a sober Larry Kudlow are pretty much a horse apiece. I have no doubt he can do his job just as well — or better — while drunk, baked, tripping on mescaline, passed out in the bathroom stall of a Long John Silver’s after huffing expired paint thinner, or stone cold dead.

But if you’re the top economic adviser to the president of the United States, maybe don’t go on a callow idiot’s show and slur your way through your analysis:



— Soledad O'Brien (@soledadobrien) February 16, 2020


— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) February 16, 2020


— The Voice Of Reason (@portarican_RT) February 16, 2020


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Again, I’m only kidding a little when I say he could do his job just as well while drunk.

This is the guy who suggested people pile into stocks in September 2008 and wrote a column for The National Review titled “There Ain’t No Recession” just as the Republican-led Great Recession was getting underway.

In other words, he’s really, really, really bad at his job. Which is why he works for Donald Trump and — unless he makes fun of Trump’s intelligence, ability, girth, hair, or golf swing — will continue to work for Donald Trump.

So, whatevs. He might as well appear on television all Jäger’ed up. He could take a dump on the table, put three lit birthday candles in it, and sing the “Happy Birthday” song to Trump’s imperial presidency, and all he would get from this administration is more and loftier praise.

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