They attempted to will a Joe Biden presidency inasmuch as he has never won a primary before after two tries. Bernie Sanders won many primaries before in difficult states. The electability quotient is just as fraudulent as one having undue privilege.

Not even privilege is enough for Biden

Just like many of us warned, Biden is performing true to form. His free fall including his deserved loss of black support was to be expected.

I wonder how many hundreds of thousands the Establishment paid to the consultants for their advice. They never invest in the grassroots, just the well-suited ivory tower guys.

The Establishment attempt to will Biden onto an electorate was instrumental in other more viable candidates dropping out. Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Beto O'Rourke, Julian Castro were all relatively young prospects that many would be eager to support had an intervening narrative by a Democratic Party Establishment directed by our Plutocracy had not wanted someone who told rich people, 'Nothing will change if I get elected.'

I love what Zerlina Maxwell had to say recently.

Maxwell then gave Progressives prescient advice.

“If you are a Progressive in this particular primary,” Zerlina said. “Support who you like. Go all-in for that person. Everybody is on the same page about voting for a Democrat regardless of who the nominee is. But if you like a woman right now, in order for that woman to win the nomination, you have to tell people that that is who you support. And you have to go out and work on her behalf. That is how you dismantle this electability nonsense which I really think is a little bit sexist.”

It makes my blood boil when people talk about women not being electable. Hillary Clinton won 2016. She did not become president because of a constitutional aberration. The constitution ensures that the will of the people is not necessarily represented giving power to a specific sect. Please read my article “There is no reason to fear Elizabeth Warren will be Hillary Clinton 2.0.”

At least one of the old guys and the most thoughtful woman left still have the heart of the youth and the policies to empower the youth and us all. Yes, what we need is transformational change and there are only two candidates left that are offering us a real change in our economy that will make the lives of the bottom 80% better, those who have not even $400.00 for an emergency.

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