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Warren's response to Trump's census cave: 'Wow, he's going to follow the law?'

I have to admit, that was my reaction, too.

Great minds?

Well, one great mind, anyway — and I won’t be surprised if its owner is president in a few short years.

At a presidential town hall today, Elizabeth Warren responded sarcastically to the news that Donald Trump was giving up his quest to add a white-empowering citizenship question to the 2020 census.


Asked about her reaction to Trump's decision on Thursday, Warren initially feigned amazement.

“Wow, he’s going to follow the law?” Warren quipped.

“This is not about trying to find out real information about citizenship and non-citizenship in America,” she continued. “This is just about trying to stir up more hate. To try to get some more people excited.”

A few thoughts on this:

  1. Holy hell, I love Elizabeth Warren. 
  2. I’m happy that justice prevailed, but isn’t it a little scary that we’re all mildly shocked the president of the United States kinda-sorta acknowledged our nation’s system of checks and balances? I mean, shouldn’t that be a given?
  3. Isn’t it equally scary that four actual Supreme Court justices thought it was okay for the administration to come up with a 100 percent phony justification for changing the wording of our census?
  4. I keep seeing that ad asking if I want to have a beer with Elizabeth Warren. Uh, yeah. How about a kegger, Liz? I’ll buy. Feel free to come up with a plan for me doing a keg stand without breaking my coccyx. I look forward to it, you sly, sardonic wizard. Let’s do it! And, please, no one tell Brett Kavanaugh.

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