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Warren on impeachment: 'Every single person in Congress should be called on to vote'

Progressives and a smattering of non-cowardly conservatives have gone on record as saying Donald Trump is a straight-up criminal who is (badly) masquerading as a pr*sident. But because so many Republican members of Congress have bone spurs where their spines should be, the chance of an impeachment and a conviction is virtually nil.

But that hasn’t stopped Elizabeth Warren from pushing for impeachment — because, as she notes, this is a moment in history, and succeeding generations will not look kindly on those who sat on their hands. And if we do nothing about this rampant criminality, we’ll be lowering the bar forevermore.

Just a hunch, but in 10 years (after the Trump recession, Trump Iran war, Trump famine, Trump locust horde, and Trump spontaneous methane-bowel explosion that leaves a Chicxulub-sized crater where Palm Beach used to be), these Republicans will be scurrying away from their vote like a teenage boy in The Hills Have Eyes.

The choice is stark: vote for evil or vote agin’ it.

We know how Republicans will vote. And they shouldn’t be able to squirm away from their craven inaction at a later date. Because the time to speak is now.

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