Warren needs to do an object lesson for reporters and politicians on Medicare 4 All – Over and over

This claim that Warren must talk about raising taxes for Medicare for All is not going to stop. This is the discourse and the media is not going to veer from it. This is what I think she needs to do.

Warren should carry a 5 dollar bill and a 10 dollar bill with her at all times.

When she is asked about M4A, she explains it, and the person she is explaining it to refuses to get it she should start,

“Listen. I am at heart a teacher. When students are having real trouble getting a concept in class teachers sometimes use an object lesson, so I am going to use an object lesson here to see if you can grasp the concept.  I am going to give you a five dollar bill and a ten dollar bill. You will get to keep one.”

She gives them the two bills.

Now I am going to give you two choices. In order to keep interviewing me (or asking questions if it is a debate, or stay on stage if it is another candidate) you have to give me either the five dollar bill or the ten dollar bill. If you give me the five dollar bill you will have equal control over the conversation, you will have the right to ask me whatever question you want, within reason. I can not take this right away from you once you have given me the bill. If you give me the 10 dollar bill you will also have the right to keep interviewing me, but I will have control over the interview. I will be able to say that certain questions are not allowed. You must get my okay for asking questions. I can cut off the interview whenever I want. I can ask for more money whenever I want. But one more thing. I am going to call the five dollar payment a tax and the ten dollar payment a premium. Which would you rather do?

People will respond, “But that’s not really my question.”

Warren responds, “Okay, explain to me how your question is different.”

Warren will be very, very good at this and it will change the conversation (over time).