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The morning after Sen. Elizabeth Warren savaged billionaire Mike Bloomberg on stage, possibly giving her flagging campaign new life, she went up with a new ad: Hitting Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson in his own Nevada newspaper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“Here’s how much Sheldon Adelson pays under Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax in the first year: $2,300,000,000,” the ad reads in bold lettering.

Adelson, the CEO of Las Vegas Sands, would only be paying 6% of his wealth, the ad states, enabling hundreds of thousands of Nevadans to have their student debt wiped out, as well as increased funding for child care, and free tuition at Nevada public universities, community colleges, and trade schools.

Adelson is the undisputed heavyweight among GOP donors, having donated nearly $80 million to Republicans in 2016 and $5 million to Trump’s inaugural festivities, as well as $55 million in Republican’s failed attempt to retain control of the House in 2018.

By the way, Warren picked up a big endorsement:


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was endorsed by Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza's Black to the Future Action Fund on Thursday.

Garza posted on Twitter that her political organization and think tank would back Warren in its first presidential endorsement.

“At @BlackToTheFutu1, we’re all in for @ewarren,” she posted, linking to an interview with Axios.

“Elizabeth has a clear, progressive plan to change the policies and practices that leave Black communities out and keep us falling behind,” Garza added in a statement.

And she’s still bringing in the hits against Bloomberg:

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren continued to go after billionaire Mike Bloomberg after the conclusion of the ninth Democratic primary debate, suggesting that the former New York mayor will shell out even more of his vast fortune to “erase America's memory” of his poor debate performance.

Warren, who Newsweek declared as the winner of Wednesday's debate, went on the offensive against Bloomberg early on and kept up the pressure throughout the night. Meanwhile, Bloomberg struggled to respond to attacks from all sides, as several of the Democratic candidates argued that he was attempting to “buy” the election.

“He is a threat because he's already dropped $400 million in this campaign,” Warren, who represents Massachusetts, said in a post-debate interview with MSNBC. “And understand this: after his performance tonight, I have no doubt he is about to drop tonight another $100 million in this campaign,” she continued.

Pressed as to why she believed Bloomberg would spend more, Warren responded: “Oh come on, in order to erase America's memory of what happened on that debate stage.”

Also, I liked this summary from The Daily Beast:

Warren left Bernie alone, a fact that mystified Washington Post op-ed columnist Jennifer Rubin. “Warren inexplicably would not go after Bernie,” she tweeted. “As a result she may not improve her standing. A serious strategic error.”

To that, I say: nah.

The Bloomberg pummeling was more than basic cable porn for the Eat the Rich crowd, or entertainment for people who can’t pay attention to politics unless it comes with its own applause track. It was about principles. She and Bernie Sanders are most ideologically aligned. Why would she want to take him down?

Warren’s performance demonstrated that she saw beyond all the moderate-worshipping punditry bullshit. Bloomberg’s candidacy isn’t something to save the Democrats in a potentially Biden-less election; it is a slightly softer sanded-down version of everything that sucks about President Trump. All we needed was for somebody to call it out while a lot of people were watching.

Do voters really want to go to the polls in November and choose between a pig and a predator? Now, hopefully, thanks to Elizabeth Warren, they won’t have to.

Warren’s was a performance that everybody who supported her, or even told somebody at a party that they’d be “totally happy if she won, but I’m voting for Bernie” can be proud of. Her poll numbers may be sinking for reasons that nobody can pinpoint, but because of Wednesday’s debate performance, nobody who stuck with her should feel let down, and people who have given up on her might want to reconsider. They might just miss a late-round comeback.

This comeback is very real and we are going to help her win the nominee and defeat Trump. Click here to donate and get involved with Warren’s campaign.

Also, click here to vote for Warren to get Democracy for America’s endorsement.

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