Warning: C5 Hissy-Fit Brewing in DC

You’re Fired!

Rings out from every room!

Tin hats being issued to everyone in the White House!

A sweaty naked orange blip hands twitching on a cell phone has been spotted in the West wing!


Rudy Giuliani lays spread-eagled on the bed hands fumbling….someone for god’s sake close the damn door!

Ivanka and Jared are designing the confederate flag arrangement for the Post Election Sedition Tour.

Trump’s other spawn are trying to buy civil war confederate regalia from China.

Melania has torched the Rose Garden and spray-painted the Xmas decorations black.

A putter lays broken and abandoned in the Oval Office a golf bag has come to rest in a shattered window frame….Looks like someone missed a sitter.

MAGA hats are scattered on the sofa next to an “I won” T-shirt.

“I’ll leave him nothing” screams the blimp clutching Churchill’s bust to his belly, “I’m greater than Adam Lincoln” he howls!.

NOAA modelling indicate that this Hissy-Fit will last until mid January 2021.