Walmart Stores, including Sam’s Clubs, will require all its customers to wear a mask starting July 20. The world’s largest retailer is joining a growing list of national store chains that require facial coverings as the cases of Covid-19 are increasing at more than 60,000 a day in the United States.

The change will start next week. Starbucks (SBUX)said last week that it will require customers to wear facial coverings or masks in all 9,000 of its company-owned US stores beginning Wednesday. Best Buy (BBY) announced Tuesday that it will also require all shoppers coming into its approximately 1,000 stores to wear face masks. Costco (COST) began requiring its members to wear masks in stores beginning in May.

Walmart has been requiring its employees to wear masks for a couple of months and about 65% of its US stores are in areas that already mandate masks for anyone in a public space.

This means Republicans and Trump have lost the “mask war” since many Walmarts are located in Republican areas, and no one could claim that the Arkansas-based company is run by partisan Democrats. It could also mean a wider acceptance of masks and an eventual slowing of the pandemic.

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