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Wall Street analysts: Trump's Mexico tariffs will undermine China trade negotiations

Trump’s decision to slap new tariffs on Mexico until Mexico stops airdropping Mexicans onto American strawberry fields and dairy farms will have serious unintended consequences, according to several Wall Street analysts. That is, it’s made the entire world aware of something bankers, building contractors, and Trump University graduates have known for years or even decades: Donald Trump is an unreliable partner.

China was already a monster of a problem before Trump’s latest brain fart enveloped the world like a black Mordor cloud, and now it’s a monster on a meth bender.

Why? The country is now even less likely to trust Trump in future negotiations, if that’s possible.


Trump’s 180-degree turn on one of the largest U.S. trading partners is sending a ominous message to the international community that he can’t be trusted, Wall Street policy analysts said, adding that China, already skeptical of Trump’s reliability, is now less likely to sign a trade deal with him.

Gee, ya think? The guy with all the bankruptcies, the fake university, the phony bone spurs, and the three wives he’s repeatedly cheated on can’t be trusted? Oh noes!

“We view this action as further deteriorating the U.S.-China trade fight. Chinese officials have stated their concern about the reliability of President Trump as a trading partner. These tariffs were announced the same day as significant advancement of the USMCA. If China does not believe a deal will stick, why negotiate?” said Ed Mills, public policy analyst at Raymond James, in a note.


“Trump’s readiness to hit a trading partner with new tariff threats soon after striking a trade deal will make China still more cautious about signing up to a deal that Trump then reneges upon, humiliating its leadership,” Krishna Guha, policy strategy analyst at Evercore, said in a note. “Beijing will remain open to talking, but this cannot help prospects for an early breakthrough at G20.”

It would not surprise me at all to find out Trump, his family, and/or several of his cronies are shorting the market in anticipation of these bombshells. I assume such skullduggery would be tough to hide, but then Trump has been a piece of shit in plain sight for decades now — just lying there on a hot sidewalk daring people to step on him.

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How crazy will this idiot get before this is all over?

I shudder to think of it.

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