Morning Consult is out with their rankings of Senators’ approval for the last quarter of 2019 in their home states. A number of Republicans running for re-election might have problems. Susan Collins might really have something to be “concerned” about.

Vulnerable GOP Senators Up for Re-election
Senator State Approve Disapprove
McConnell Kentucky 37 50
Collins Maine 42 52
Ernst Iowa 37 42
Gardner Colorado 37 40
McSally Arizona 37 40
Tillis North Carolina 34 37
Cornyn Texas 44 25

This does not consider the vulnerable open seats that the Republicans have in Kansas and Georgia. However, retiring Kansas Senator Pat Roberts is barely above water (37%-35%). The newly retired Johnny Isakson was doing fair in Georgia (44%-24%). 

Possibly an important question is how their votes on impeachment will impact their approval. I would expect it can help McConnell and hurt Collins and Gardner, with the others less clear.

The poll also shows that Bernie Sanders is the most popular in his home state (65%-29%) and that Democrat Doug Jones has positive approval in his state of Alabama (42%-35%).

Elizabeth Warren has positive approval (50%-40%), and Amy Klobuchar has a strong approval rate (56%-31%).

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