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Vulnerable GOP Congressman Shares Meme Smearing Dr. Ford

Iowa’s Steve King is a despicable human being, and not just because he is an unapologetic white supremacist.

When he’s not posting propaganda from neo-Nazis, he’s sharing vile memes. Like the current president, he somehow always has time for a hateful post on social media. He has been in rare form this year, picking one that mocked a Parkland student’s heritage after the shooting; and another, on Hitler’s birthday, that featured a Wehrmacht soldier—with a caption that the Nazi had more character than today’s youth. 

While the rest of us thought Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s tearful testimony was a gut punch, King decided it would be funny to demean the victim.

King posted “ah-HA!!! :)”

It’s funny, because her rape was part of the conspiracy…get it? 

Dr. Ford, who said she was 100% sure it was Brett Kavanaugh, was so traumatized by the attempted rape that, 20 years ago, she insisted on having two front doors to her house so she wouldn’t feel trapped. Brilliant how we got her to do that to appear credible.

And because one sick meme wasn’t enough:

King posted several laugh emojis to clue you that it was funny

The Huffington Post contacted King’s campaign office and confronted them about King’s classless meme problem. The article has the entire transcript, but this was the key takeaway from his campaign:

Our page content is definitely not for people who struggle to have a sense of humor or irony. That being said, we’re definitely not going to litigate every meme with you.

Sense of humor. Yeah. That’s our problem.

Last year, I detailed the Koch brothers and other right-wing tycoons desperate attempt to find wingnut comedians who could take on Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, et al, and attack liberals. They can spend all the money they want and fail. Our comedy mocks the powerful, they mock the victims.  

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This is how you do that, mother f***er:

But you want to know what’s REALLY funny, Steve King?

Your Democratic challenger is 6 points away from you.

J.D. Scholten is a fighting Democrat who ignored calls that this district was hopeless. He has grown bigger audiences with every event. He has successfully argued that King has been in office 16 years—and has absolutely nothing to show for it. He has authored one bill to name a post office, and it’s not even in the district anymore. 

CD-4 is rural farmland, but after all these years, King still isn’t chairman of the agriculture committee. He’s not even on the farm bill committee. He is one of the most ineffective members of Congress, mostly because he chooses to spend his time on Fox News, or making multiple trips to Austria to cultivate white supremacist relationships with their far-right government. His constituents would prefer he spend less time trying to be King Racist, and more time focusing on local issues, like water rights and fighting Trump’s ill-conceived trade war, which has had a significant impact on Iowa farmers.

The only joke here is Steve King being in Congress, and just like his memes, no one is laughing.

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