VoteVets Launches New Ad Campaign To Boost Hispanic Turnout In Florida To Defeat Traitor Trump

Received this e-mail today from VoteVets:

We’re teaming up with Nuestro PAC to run our latest ad in Florida featuring Iraq War Veteran and former GOP Hispanic Outreach Director Pablo Pantoja speaking out against Traitor Trump and his disregard for Puerto Rican lives following Hurricane Maria.

It’s a Spanish-language ad targeted to voters in the Sunshine State, and we need your help to run this ad far and wide, especially in expensive television markets where Traitor Trump thinks he’s already won.

Check out our latest ad then make a donation of any amount if you can. »

When you donate to emails like this one — whether it’s $1 or $100 — you’re pitching in much-needed resources it takes to produce ads just like this one. Ads that hold Trump accountable for his disparagement of those who serve and for his failed leadership of our country.

Thanks for watching and sharing our latest ad — Mi País — with your personal networks, and for chipping in today if you can.


Click here to donate to keep this ad running.