Vote For Elizabeth Warren To Get Democracy For America's Official Endorsement!

Received this e-mail today from Democracy for America:

It's time!

Today we’re officially launching our 2020 Presidential Primary Endorsement Poll.

As a a member-driven, people-powered PAC with a one-million strong community that has contributed over $63 million dollars and made more than 25 million calls to elect over 1,000 progressive candidates up-and-down the ballot nationwide, our goal is to empower our members to vote — and to get out the votes of their friends and family — to decide which presidential candidate DFA should endorse in the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primary.

The poll is only open until 11:59 pm PT on Sunday, March 1st, so get your vote in ASAP!

Make your voice heard now: take the DFA 2020 Endorsement Poll to tell us which Democratic candidate you think we should endorse for president »

In 2016, our endorsement of Bernie Sanders had a huge impact on the race: with a massive outpouring of grassroots support from members like you, we raised $2 million, held 119,000 volunteer phone shifts, helped knock on over 5 million doors, and contribute to dozens of critical media hits from CNN to the New York Times supporting and defending our candidate while keeping the focus on our positive progressive vision for America.

And we’re ready to do it again for the candidate that wins our 2020 endorsement, as long as there is overwhelming support for one candidate in this race. That means just like when we conducted our last official presidential endorsement vote for the 2016 primary, we will only endorse if one candidate reaches DFA's super-majority threshold of 67% (two-thirds of votes cast, or 66.67% to be technical about it).

That’s why it’s critical that just like in a real election, you’ll need to work hard to maximize support for your candidate if you want them to win this endorsement. That means getting your friends, family and other like-minded progressives to cast their votes for your candidate as well — on Facebook, Twitter, over email, on the phone, or however you want to spread the word!

We’ll be securely reviewing and announcing the results of this poll on Monday, March 2nd, right before Super Tuesday – so there’s no time to waste!

Cast your vote in our 2020 Endorsement Poll, then get out the vote for your candidate to give them the best possible chance of winning DFA’s support in the Democratic primary.

Happy voting!


Charles Chamberlain, Chair
Democracy for America

Let’s help Warren get DFA’s endorsement! Click here to cast your vote!

If you want more information on Warren, I strong. recommend you listen to the NowThis Podcast, Who Is?, to learn more. Click here to listen. 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is running for president. A mother who had her first child at 22, Warren vaulted from Oklahoma to the halls of Harvard and on to the Senate. On this episode of Who Is, host Sean Morrow takes you beyond the 2020 hype for the stories that you need to know about the woman who wants to take on President Trump.GUESTS:

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