Viral video shows who Rep. Rashida Tlaib really is—in the very best way


I adore this woman…


Ironically, I came across the video on a rightwing site that posted it thinking it made her look bad. Instead, I watched it and thought…. badass! Damn!

Here’s a minority woman personally confronting Donald Trump in a room packed with his xenophobic bigots. (Notice she was called “an animal” while being taken out.) She fought the entire way.

Tlaib has put herself in harm’s way many times and faced off against violent white supremacists at far worse places where Trump supporters gather. 

When you google the phrase “spineless” and “politician,” you’ll get the full roster of republican politicians. You’ll get submissive bootlickers like Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio. You’ll also get a few results on our Democratic leadership, who seem to love to make deals and refuse to hold Trump accountable—even with caged children. Do you know who you won’t ever see on that list?

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. 

I watch this video and wonder: Why the hell aren’t more Democratic leaders as angry as she is?