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Viral Video Shows Thug “Waterboarding” 15 Year Old Syrian Refugee w/ Broken Arm. GoFundMe Link.

Well, this is disgusting. 

A viral video making the rounds on Twitter captures a horrifying act of violence against a young Syrian refugee, Jamal, who already has a broken arm, perpetrated by a fellow student half again his size. 



The Guardian has written about it.

West Yorkshire police are investigating a report of a “racially aggravated assault” against a 15-year-old boy after a violent video was shared on social media.

The victim, with his arm in a cast, is seen to be dragged to the floor by his neck before his attacker says “I’ll drown you” while forcing water from a bottle into his mouth.

The incident is said to have taken place on playing fields at Almondbury Community School in Huddersfield on 25 October.

Barry Sheerman, MP for the town, said he had been supporting the boy and his family, tweeting a video of the incident, which he called “absolutely shocking”.

“Understand from council that the school have taken strong action. Will be following up to ensure all available support is being given!”

Huddersfield is between Manchester and Leeds in North Central, England.

Jamal’s GoFundMe Page, the proceeds of which will help his struggling family, has additional details.

“A video has been circulating the internet of a child being bullied at his school. He already has a broken arm as you can see in the video and he was thrown to the ground, choked and water boarded.
The victim Jamal is a refugee in the UK who has been subject to months of bullying along with his little sister. To the point where his little sister has broken the lenses in her glasses and attempted to cut her own wrists in school toilets.
Jamal's family are refugees in the UK and they struggle to meet the basic necessities of life. We want to raise money for the family to ease their situation and hopefully they can use the funds to help improve their quality of life and to put a smile on their faces. Having left a war torn country, the least they deserve is to live in peace without being harassed. Please donate generously and let’s change this horrible situation into a blessing in disguise for them.”

I have donated a small amount.

There is so much hate in the world.

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