Video link is here—and you’ve got to see it to believe it. The person recording was appalled at her behavior and asked if she was a Trump supporter.  And of course.

Make a note: if you are a Trumper who is knowingly doing something completely awful, maybe that’s not the best time to scream “GO DONALD TRUMP!”  

The lady, along with a man who seems to be her husband, completely cleaned out a Florida Dollar Tree, which apparently sold them every large box they had.  The lady had so much they had to strap the giant boxes in a large pickup and then still had to pack an entire van. It appears that the store let her use their loading equipment as well—she seems to leave them there before driving off, but I can’t be certain. What I can be certain of is the customers outside were none too happy.

I believe there are laws against hoarding during a pandemic, and I know there are laws against price gouging. I hope she isn’t planning on trying to sell, which is what she strongly implied in the video. I am beyond outraged. 

I don’t like seeing images of elderly folks desperately trying to find one packet of supplies while someone behind them has shopping carts full. Stores need to limit. Leadership starts at the top, and no one seems to be too focused on the issue of hoarding. Authorities need to crack down on this. 

Meanwhile, please look out for each other while we get through this. The president’s response has been disastrous, so we need to rely on our communities. 

I also hope this lady gets her comeuppance. She is definitely not making America great again. 

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