I accept that there will be terrible things happen in any war.  Mistakes are made.  Some warriors care nothing for the civilians they target.  Some commanders flush their ethics in the name of victory.  Nations make every attempt to dehumanize the people they are fighting.  These are facts, and they are facts which are a part of any military attack.  Human nature can't be denied.

What I don't accept is wanton slaughter of innocents which become a clearly defined pattern of behavior.  Like dropping bombs on heavily-occupied housing, targeting structures which – by the rules of the Geneva Conventions – are not to be attacked, and the use of antipersonnel weapons (flechette rounds, white phosphorus, and DIME munitions) in areas which are heavily populated with non-combatants.  One mistake, sure.  Two such errors, not good.  Three and beyond – you seem to be TRYING to hurt and kill innocents.  Beyond the adults who have no part in the conduct of hostilities, there are children – humans under the age of 18 – who couldn't possibly be considered as hostiles.  There are buildings which are not to be attacked, and which should be considered safe areas for shelter from the explosions.

Sadly, scores of children have been killed and the aggressor is now targeting hospitals and schools.  Let's see what the UN has to say about some of this when we meet below that cute orange doodle.

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