I have written many stories on behalf of veterans and many of them are here.

I have wrestled with the idea of how long I would continue with United Veterans. It is getting very rough !

This year I am going to do something out of the ordinary.  

I came up with the idea of starting a 501© 19  in the year 2000.  I saw how many huge organizations were giving themselves salaries, and helping veterans in ways I just did not agree.  I never felt that sitting at a bar loading up on booze and taking the meds the VA dispensed was helping the vet. 

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Thanks in advance !  One dollar at a time helps.

 I saw consultants pushing paper and nothing every really getting better.  I saw non profits giving a vet waiting on a disability decision 5.00 for gas money to go 150 miles one way,   I saw one organization pay 25.00 a week to a vet to scrub their hall, 3 times a week instead of raising funds for groceries.   Some of those things happened to my vet and me.  It drove me to give 100 percent to the vet needs.  ( With the exception of gas money and few expenses).  Now the volunteers are hurting desperately.

I know some of the organizations provide lobby info to legislators and do some good work but felt we could do it a little more personal and hands on with consultation, advice on enrollment, death benefits, providing gas money, expense monies for emergency, paying utlitiy bills and groceries along with providing some cushion.   It was and still is a good idea. I, personally have gone to legislators lobbying for veterans and more help for them.


  The problem is, no real working capital and just depending on the donations from those who wanted to be part of helping those who served.   The economic downfall liked to have killed our organization not to mention many more.  The plight continued.


The expense of such a project is really enormous.   I found over 20 years, it cost myself and my volunteers money from our own pockets to keep going and we did not fundraise except for certain projects.   We depended on complete volunteers.  100 percent no salaries and few expenses paid for our projects.   I am surprised we have held out but the work came from passion, and non partisan patriotism.   REAL PATIOTISM is showing up at Vet funerals and comforting widows,    paying for our charters out of our pockets, driving to events on our own dimes and visiting with disabled vets.  We have been  fierce in  teaching other vets how to cope and help each other.

The suicide rate is 20 vets die per day. ( that we know of).

Homelessness is up.

Food banks are suffering.

People are hurting.

My own pocket took a hit so many times it was unreal.   Still is.    I personally paid for the annual registrations, filing the Tax postcard ( Every year for 20 years), drove to deliver the help and my volunteers which was on average only 7 people who did much of  the same.   Many of those have passed on. 

 We took monies collected and bought wreaths, groceries, and I have a diary where I pulled my own living room furniture out of the house and GAVE it to a disabled Veteran and his children.   We took pictures of Nashville and turned them over to the Access Board in DC and Nashville  had to pay 20 million dollars in fines and expense to get compliant with the ADA. We helped do that.   Story here.


   We have done some good work.  I am proud of all we have accomplished and I thank this space and all of those who have come to the aid of our small organization.   

This year I want to collect for my volunteers for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Without the legwork and passion, and self lessness, we would be just another group of people calling themselves advocates and not really accomplishing much but a title of Non Profit.   We are more than a non profit..We tend to be in the hole

Helping vets…

no profit in debt for the appreciation of our nation’s veterans. We never paid for websites but we used the free websites or low cost ones. 

Right now, some of my volunteers are struggling with their own lives.  Food stamp cuts, vehicles in need of repair, plumbing problems, and caretaking expenses.

  I also want to urge people to contribute to this site who gives our org. a jumping off space to fundraise for vets like Just Bob, Testvet, and other vets when they needed it.   Jax Dem is a tireless advocate who is a vet widow who goes in and works with IGTNT…Rec those diaries and keep them up.   Give Gordon some love when he writes an article.  Black Sheep does a lot, and more folks here than I can count.  Sara and Ann have made quilts galore.   Recognize their effort as many of you have done.   

Is there a goal?  Yes.   Let’s look at 5,000 between now and Thanksgiving to help al those who are trying to help vets.

Look at Colonel Vindman…He is a profile in courage.  There are many people willing to sacrafice and yet many of us are called unamerican but that is a lie.

We are non partisan who help those without a voice.  

I can think of so many on here and  I hate naming names because there are so many, like Bohica, Wayward Wind, lilbear, Ono, who deserve recognition for their profile in courage.  I apologize for those I have overlooked.

This year let us  honor the volunteers with rec’s on articles, donations, and help because fighting for those who can’t fight is a hard job.  Those I have mentioned have never done it for the money but always for the appreciation and passion they feel towards those who have stood in the night and rain and pain to serve their country.   We need a little monetary appreciation to help those who are helping others that are in need.

You folks have always come to the aid of my projects.   This is the way I want to honor Veterans this year.

There is the way to help UVA’s volunteers.


You can help Dr. Fergie Reid by recommending articles written on the GOTV effort.

You can visit hospitals 

You can help this site when they ask for change to keep the site running

You can volunteer at the VA.

You can help at food banks

You can offer up comments on the quilt projects.

You can visit the nursing homes.

This is about patriotism and let no one tell you that you are unpatriotic.

We have to put boots on the ground and some help in the kitty to continue to fight for those who have fought for us.

Thank you.


In 2019, most families living in poverty earn less than $25,750 per year. More than 37 million people struggle with hunger in the United States, including more than 11 million children. A household that is food insecure has limited or uncertain access to enough food to support a healthy life.


Yet …SNAP is being cut.


Let’s help them.  Many of our own volunteers are hurting.  They  have earned a little help.   I have never been more sincere on a Fundraising effort in my life because without them and your help…We can do so little or not much in times that are so uncertain.

Veteran Suicide Hotline:


  • Dial 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1 to talk to someone.
  • Send a text message to 838255 to connect with a VA responder.
  • Start a confidential online chat session at VeteransCrisisLine.net/Chat.

I want to make this clear.  The organization is non partisan.   As a citizen I am partisan but my orginazation is not.    One of the best presents I received from my husband other than helping to keep the organization afloat was this on Christmas 2008.  If I have touched your life or inspired you in anyway.  Please give to my organization to help ALL deserving veterans.

  • November 8, 2019
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