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Vaughn Hillyard Turns Over Rock and Finds Racist Who Doesn't Think He Is a Racist.

Vaughn Hillyard on MSNBC is doing his job at the Iowa State Fair and asking some people who they are supporting for president next year, and lo and behold, Hillyard turns over a rock and finds a racist fossil who doesn’t think he is a racist:

The temerity of Democrats to call Trump a racist.  Why Trump supporters like Bob Fisher will take this personally!  They will conclude that we are calling Trump supporters racists!

“Everybody knows we're the bad people,” Fisher continued. “[They say that] I am a racist. I went to school and shared my dorm with a colored guy. I have nothing against him. I grew up in the East.”

News flash for Bob Fischer:  colored is the old “nice” Southern racist word for blacks.

And if Trump calls all those others who have dared to criticize him bad names, it’s only because they did it first, at least according to Fisher’s logic.  In fact, they used worse words about Trump!  Therefore, telling them to “Go back to where you came from!” is no biggie.

All’s fair in love and racism.

And this is where the Media and Republican “strategists” will say that Democrats labeling Trump a racist is backfiring.  He’s an older guy from Iowa!  Democrats desperately need guys like Fisher to win next year! He’s electoral gold!

As reporter Eugene Scott pointed out, Fisher doesn’t say what are Trump’s policies that he supports.  And there is none presented in this piece.  No great economy.  No trade deals.  Just white resentment.

And I know guys like Fisher.  I would be surprised if Fisher ever voted Democratic.  But you can see that there is no way that any Democrat is going to get his vote next year.  None.  Zero.  Nada.

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Doesn’t matter who the nominee is or if they soft pedal that Trump “supports white nationalism.”  Fisher is aggrieved that anyone thinks he is a racist for supporting Trump.  And it will make him hug Trump all the more tighter.  

But he were NEVER going to get guys like Fisher to abandon Trump.  Fisher is going to go out and vote for Trump come hell or highwater.  Therefore, to hell with him.

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